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Benefits of Twists

Hieey Magicals!

I’ve been doing two strand twists since I returned to natural in 2015.

And if you  are  following me then you  know that I can’t braid so save my life.

  1. So twists were always my go to. I found them to be easy and fuss free. Watch this video where I explain in depth on the benefits of twists.

What are the benefits?

Convenience – It’s a get up and go style… Also, they can  keep for up to 2 weeks. I know a few naturals who keep their twists in for up to 4 weeks. They work well if you the type of person who works out regularly.

VersatileTwo strand twists can have  variety. Depending on my mood I sometimes do jumbo twists or medium size ones. Recently I’ve been loving the mini size twists. It’s so relaxing to do but of course you have to be in a relaxed frame of mind!

These can be styled in a pony or in a cute up do as well as loose😊 I re-do the front row when they start to look frizzy. To refresh them I use a refresher spray. They are easy to maintain.

Protective styleTwists are considered a protective style because you basically putting your hair away.  They minimise tangles and help retain length.

Length retention – This one is obvious… So because you aren’t combing or brushing everyday, this can lead to hair growth. Low manipulation equals length retention. Our hair loves to be left alone.  There’s no pulling on your edges. They are tension free. 

Remember that to  make your hairstyle last long, you should always go to bed with a silk or satin bonnet. 

Two strand twists are great at locking in moisture too. This is how I’ve accomplished my hair growth  goals😊😊







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