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Being CONSISTENT Matters

Hello again!

As a creator, I’ve learned that consistency is queen😊😊

There was a time when I went off the grid for a while and it wasn’t easy getting back. DUH – I went missing! I was forgotten…

It took a looong time to gain the trust of my followers again.

A level of respect  is formed between you and your followers, when you continuously show up.

Here’s the thoughts of  two content creators on consistency 

Gizelle thinks that posting everyday can cause burn out. I  agree with her.

Here Sade is saying that regular posting  gives you the opportunity to learn from your followers. In a nutshell it also helps build credibility, reputation and trust.

Consistently producing content has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look:


Good habits are formed. Helps build your momentum. You start to create better. More feedback from your followers. Brands start to notice you. More engagement.


Takes time and effort. You get burn out. Quality of content starts to dwindle. Can be unsustainable if you don’t have a plan or a strategy.              

Also the algorithm favours you when you consistent. Regular posting leads to more content and more opportunities for followers to share your posts.

Soon they’ll be mentioning you to their friends, and before you know it- you’ve broadened your territory gal🤗🤗

Consistency is more than posting everyday. It’s trying to be better. It’s listening, learning and adapting to what your audience wants.

What are my thoughts?

Consistency could be posting everyday or posting every few days.

I’ve learnt that to fully connect  with my audience, I need to be a consistent content creator. When you create something everyday, you become more disciplined. Consistency is more than growth, it’s about challenging yourself to be better than yesterday. It’s about expanding your network and being part of a community– And not forgetting-  it’s being part of the conversation too. 

The more I engage with my audience, the more people will be influenced by my opinions and recommendations. Brands are always looking to work with creators who have a consistent posting schedule.

You’ve seen the positives and negatives but it all comes down to finding the right balance, that’ll work for you.

Are you posting consistently? What is your posting strategy?











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