Self-care for Content Creators

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I’ve always said that being a content creator is hard work that takes a huge amount of time and dedication.

It’s the hours of taking pictures, filming, editing and researching that can make you feel anxious.

I get burnt out and stressed if I don’t take a break to reboot. When I’m tired and overwhelmed I can’t create consistent valuable content for my audience because I’m not in a good space.

And I’ve found myself in this situation countless times…

So here’s a few tips I’ve put together that’s helped me refresh and reset.

Digital Detox:

Have you ever sat with your phone in hand just mindlessly scrolling? Well, switching off my phone made a difference. Besides putting my phone away I made a conscious effort to switch it off at meal times, family times etc…It gets you  away from the ideas of other people too.

Batch your content:

This is a recent thing I started doing. So because of this, I now have more time in the week! It really is a game changer magicals🤗 You’ll even have more time to engage with your audience. 

Jot it Down: 

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to shut my brain off. Journaling has helped me declutter my creative mind.

Writing down your thoughts, ideas and challenges can take the weight off of your shoulders. As content creators, we have a million ideas floating around in our minds all the time.  Jot it down. Some days I just go through my journal reading and reflecting. You get to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown.

Step Back:

Creating content can get too much. Seriously I know. I become  stressed out about the thing that I usually enjoy doing-  creating!

Just don’t create. I know they say consistency is key, but gal your mental health is more important. Stop stressing over creating content. Step back, pause your editing and take a break. Make your favourite tea. Or snack. Do something for yourself that you enjoy-  that doesn’t involve technology. Once your break is over you’ll be fully charged and ready to create with a bang😊

Self-care care is making time for yourself.

What are some ways you practice self-care as a content creator?
















2 thoughts on “Self-care for Content Creators

  1. Definitely putting my phone away when I’m with my family gives me time to reflect and enjoy them around me. Also make time to relax and do absolutely nothing even if it’s for 30 min just to take my mind off things.

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