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What’s up Magicals!

Last month I purchased an Essence concealer at Dischem, they were having a sale, and you guys know how much  I love bargains –
TBH, I seriously  get  an adrenaline rush  when I can  get stuff for half  the price😅

 I must tell you but, I was never one for concealer. The number one reason was that  I didn’t know how to properly apply it… l  always ended up looking ghostly.

 I have them dark circles and it’s bad – picture a panda, yep that’s me… (it looks like two black holes) –  and I was very conscious of it when I was younger.

So it’s taken me a while to be friends with concealers and gal they now part of my make-up staples!

Getting back to the Essence get picture ready! concealer.
The  thing that caught my eye besides the cute playful packaging, is that it’s a brightening concealer. The label also  states that it gives a radiant flawless finish.

I love the light consistency- it’s thick but creamy… if that makes any sense😄
The coverage is medium and it sets easily.


I have no hassles with it creasing and it also has a hydrating feel to it- (bonus)
 It’s  really good for highlighting.

I like that fresh wake me up look it gives,  and  it  does a good job of brightening up the under eye area.

The applicator is a  round sponge tip   that doesn’t come off.   

Sometimes I use it alone because it’s almost like a BB cream.
Did I mention how cute the packaging is?

 If  you all for a low key, natural look, like me-   then you should give this Essence get picture ready! concealer a try.  It doesn’t completely  cover dark circles which is perfectly fine with me.

But if you prefer a heavy duty-  full coverage, I’m sorry gal,  this is not the one for you.

The only downside is that there’s only two shades. Ivory  and Nude.

So let’s hear it, do you use concealers?

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