Afrobotanics Moisturising Leave-in Conditioner…

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I did an Instagram post  today on the AfroBotanics leave-in conditioner. I thought that I should come on over here and give a review.

Leave-in conditioners are used after you shampoo and condition the hair.

The AfroBotanics leave-in conditioner is a moisturiser.
I’ve used this brand for quite a while now and I seriously love the kiddies range­čść too.
 Whenever I buy hair products -especially leave-in conditioners, I look for the ones that read “moisturising, hydrating, nourishing” These are formulated to meet the needs of my dry thirsty hair.

So the key players in this leave-in are Aloe vera, Coconut oil and Vitamin E which makes it great for hair growth and hydration. Aaand wait, because of these ingredients it protects against the sun and heat. 

My biggest struggle is dryness. I have  thick, thirsty low porosity hair and it needs alot of moisture to keep it manageable and healthy.


This leave-in is very thick, I sometimes  dilute it with water to use as a detangler or as a daily spritz. My hair is always left feeling soft and moisturised afterwards. It’s perfect for everyday use and it’s affordable. I get mine at Clicks stores. 

Have you tried out this leave-in conditioner?

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