My Instagram Flatlay Tips…

Hey there Magicals!

I’ve fallen in love with flatlay photography.
Here’s a post on photo editing I did a while back that focuses on flatlay photography.

Flatlays are the trend of Instagram and it’s a great way to showcase more than one item in a creative way.

A flatlay is  basically taking a picture from the top view. A flat surface is best.
I was drawn to the beautiful  curated photos that I saw on Instagram  and I knew I needed to learn that “art”

Here’s the two ways I like to capture flatlays:

One is to tell a story or create a mood. The  picture below I created a mood of self care and  pampering. You’ll probably picture yourself in a bubble bath  with scented candles…

The next one is centred around an object. In the picture below I made the hair product the main subject or focus.

Trying to get the perfect flatlay is not difficult but it can be a bit tricky.
I’ve learnt a few things I picked up  along the way.

Firstly before you throw random items together for your flatlay, you need to know what is it you  trying to convey. Every flatlay image is a story or a mood. Here’s a flatlay I created showing my mood for that particular day.

Pay attention to the background of your photos. Keep it simple and clean. In other words less is more. No one likes a noisy flatlay. I use white because it brings out the contrast of the objects.
You can use colour background but make sure it’s not distracting. You don’t want to end up with an unflattering flatlay that’s not clear.

Lighting is important to capture a bright picture. If the weather is not good I wait it out. Natural light is always  best that’s why I shoot close to a window. Seriously, the best filter won’t be able to make up for a dim grainy photo.

Try adding some colour or create a colour pallete. Most instagrammers are doing this.

Hopefully you got inspired to start creating some gorgeous flatlays. Also make sure to follow me on Instagram @Magicalmessyme
where I blog more on tips for blogging and photo editing Aaand hair product reviews😁


What are your tips for creating beautiful flatlays?

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