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Hope ya’ll had a super weekend, today I’m featuring a gorgeous curly from Cape Town. She’s an entrepreneur and a natural hair enthusiast. Check out her natural hair journey she has lots of tips to share. Meet Laetitia.

Hey everyone. I am Laetitia, better known as Tisha. I am currently doing my final year Master’s at UWC in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, I have a huge heart for animals and have a passion for nature and conservation.

Okay, enough about my studies I started my natural hair journey on 23 April 2017, I started transitioning after my sister’s wedding in February 2017. I could no longer handle the two textures and my perm rods just never worked probably because I was using the wrong products, anyway I big chopped my hair myself and I cut myself a boy’s cut. I have never applied heat on my hair since then and I love my journey thus far, evidently, I have been natural for 1 year and 3 months. I have mini-chopped few times during my journey due to issues with incomplete split ends but length is not as important as health to me so I don’t mind at all having an awkward stage afro forever.

What inspired me to go back to my roots… This might sound cheesy but it is my future babies. I have been struggling for years with breakage, split ends, etc. and I just decided that I need to take my hair more seriously and the best way to do that FOR ME is to stop applying heat and relaxer to my hair. I want my future babies to love the hair that grows out their scalps. I want them to be confident and content if they decide to wear their natural hair (once they old enough to decide).

I definitely had setbacks with my hair, especially with the incomplete split ends. At the time, I did not know how to properly take care of my hair, I used a comb to detangle my hair but this is now all changed and my hair has improved and is much healthier. I love my hair journey more than anything now, finger detangling changed everything.

My advice would be is to do it for yourself, no one else. Being natural is not easy you need to be emotionally and mentally ready for it. You will have bad days, days where you want to buy that pot of creamy crack. It will not be sunshine and roses all the time. Biggest TIP- do not think products will work for you just because it worked for someone else.

Another TIP is your hair porosity is THE MOST IMPORTANT characteristic of your hair and will tell you exactly what type and consistency of products you need for your mane. Evidently, it will save you time and loads of money!

My hair in one sentence: My hair is the blood that runs through my veins, it is beautiful and authentic.

My regimen has changed so much over the period that I have been natural. Previously my wash day would take almost an entire day. Now, I keep my hair detangled at all times and I keep it that way in preparation for wash day. My wash day sometimes starts the night before, where I apply coconut oil to my hair as a prepoo (yep, coconut oil is not all bad – it depends how you use it). Sometimes, I prepoo about 30mins before I wash my hair. I wash my hair while in sections (chunky twists) using ACV (cheaper & and it cleanses your hair just as a normal shampoo would) I pour 1 part ACV and 3 parts water and spritz this onto my hair, massage and leave in for about 5 mins and rinse. Repeat. I then apply my DC put on a plastic cap and then my heated conditioning bonnet. I then rinse with warm water, and then give a final rinse with cold water. I then apply the hair juice to soaking wet hair and scrunch it into my hair. I then part my hair into smaller sections and apply Shea by Design hair butter, I massage it into my hair and plait or twist it up as a protective style for the week.

I recently started my business called, Shea by Design. I sell Raw & Unrefined Shea Butter specially designed and handmade for any hair porosity & texture. I am a huge advocate for hair porosity because it plays such a big role in how receptive your hair will be to a product. I have two products for high porosity hair (extra virgin olive oil with castor/coconut oil) and two products for low porosity hair (extra virgin olive with avocado/almond oil).


The high porosity oils are thick oils and coats the hair strands in order to reduce the amount of moisture lost, whereas the low porosity oils are lighter oils and able to penetrate the hair strands and seal in the moisture that lopo naturals find so difficult to maintain. I researched and had polls on my page to determine what the customers prefer and in order to give them an option I decided to have two choices for each product.

I added some scent to the product to reduce the raw smell of the Raw & Unrefined Shea Butter, lavender and rosemary oil, the drops are literally counted from the glass bottle to ensure the scent is not too potent or too subtle. I have 250g of each these variants for R100 and 500g for R180, I also sell the Raw & Unrefined Shea Butter without any added oils in 250g for only R120 and 500g for R200 to order your welcome to contact me via  HYPERLINK “mailto:sheabydesign111@gmail.com” sheabydesign111@gmail.com or like our page  HYPERLINK “http://www.facebook.com/sheabydesign” www.facebook.com/sheabydesign. I also have a personal page ( HYPERLINK “http://www.facebook.com/curlytisha” www.facebook.com/curlytisha) on facebook, please share in my journey and I would love to share in yours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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