AfroBotanics deep conditioner review

Hey Curly Naturals
So your editor in chief has asked me to do a review on her blog, before I go into that let me introduce myself. 
My name is Nidia blogger of SA Curly Girl. I have been natural since 2013 and I have 3C low porous hair.
My review is on the Afrobotanics
Amina deep penetrating moisturising conditioner.
 I stumbled upon it when I was deciding what my hair treat would be, I took a whiff of it and it has that “this product is expensive and it will work” smell. The price on the shelf said R71.95 but at the till it scanned at R89.95 the shelf price was honoured but I have prepared myself to pay that price once this gem is finished. Through my research I have found that it is a true gem and really great for low porosity girls as many of the ingredients help retain moisture.
Anyway back to the product.
Size: 500ml
Who stocks it: Clicks
Price: R71.95 – R89.95 (or double check the at the till)
The conditioner is a double duty product you can use it as a normal conditioner or a deep conditioning treatment.
The conditioner is 98% natural yep 98 %
The first 5 ingredients is a true reflection of what a product actually contains and how effective it actually is and here is the list of the first 5 ingredient (and there after what other goody goodness the conditioner container)
Coconut oil
Castor oil (good for low porosity hair)
Cyprus Esculentus Root oil (this oil is also called Tiger nut oil or Chufa oil it is high in vitamin E and oelic acid. The root consists of 20-36% oil which makes it a great alternative for biofuel.)
Shea butter
Meadowfoam seed oil (is known for making hair shinier and fuller, reducing scalp dryness and best of all retaining moisture, another one for the low porosity girls)
Olive oil
Avocado oil
Pro Vitamin B5
Vegetable glycerin (another good on for low porosity)
Wheat Bran extract (its high in Vitamin E and also helps retain moisture yet another one for the low porosity girls)
Honey (another good one for the low porosity),
The conditioner does live up to its name by being deep penetrating and moisturising considering the ingredients just listed.
The first time I tried it was on a late lazy night so I used it as an overnight deep conditioner boy oh boy was I happy by the results.
My hair was soft and light. I’ve never done a deep conditioner that leaves my hair soft, fluffy and  not weigh it down.
To round it off, I recommend this product hands down especially to low porosity girls as it works wonders and yes the price tag is worth it.
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ND 😉

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